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Every system is made with lace allowing for the system to feel light and weightless. Rita will discuss these options with each individual client to fit their needs.

The cost and length of time between visits depends on the strength or type of system that the client purchases.
Feel free to call us for a free consultation and we guarantee that you will not regret it! For more information, contact Rita.

Hair Replacement service
100% natural Human Hair

Our Hair Replacement Systems are custom made for every client. We consult with our client to match the hair color and texture to their own hair.

Hair Extensions
100% natural Human Hair

If you're interested about our hair extensions please call us now.

Hair Piece Repair
100% natural Human Hair

Hair repair is the best kept secret in the hair replacement industry. Our competitors don't want you to know about hair piece repairs because they would rather make you buy a new hair piece.

In House Service

In House HairExtensions

In House Hairpice Repair