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We have been servicing Burbank and all surrounding cities in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles for over 25 years. Find out how Rita's Hair Solution Techniques can change your life!

Hair Replacement
your hair your look

One of the biggest signs of age is hair loss. A hair replacement can make you look years younger because evey one deserves to look there best and we guaranty that.

Female Hairline Lowering
keep your beauty

For women with a high forehead and temple recession, we can restore a soft feminine hairline.

For some, hair loss is a part of the aging
process and is bound to happen anyway.

Replace your hair gradually or all at once with procedures
like the New Veralex Technology…
Exclusively available at Actual image Hair Replacement.

Hair loss
Thinking about your hair loss

  • How would life be different if you had more hair? Would you be more successful?
    Feel more confident? Have a better love life? Be more proud of who you are?
    What else could more hair do for you?
  • For most of us when we lose our hair, that's not all we lose. As our hair goes, so does our self esteem, often followed by our social lives. And it doesn't only affect us socially, but personally.
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    "The first step towards getting more, is knowing about it"